The Physical Therapy unit disposes of modern appliances for all kinds of therapies: thermotherapy, electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, ultrasound therapy, sonotherapy.

Kinesitherapy is performed in a separate hall and is organized as individual or group exercises. According to the level of patient’s involvement, we offer active, active-assisted and passive exercises, and with the help of various appliances, we can also provide mechanic therapy exercises.

The Balneotherapy unit is a separate area with 20 individual, and specific tubs. As the water in the spring is cold, and as it is specially warmed up and brought to each bathtub along with cold and regular water, there are great possibilitiesfor applying suitable bathtubs in terms of temperature level and hydrogen sulfide concentration. Balneotherapy is also performed locally, as Hubbardtub for individual hydro-kinesy programs, and in a pool containing mineral water, with individual and group hydro-kinesy exercises.

At the Special Hospital “Mljecanica”, there is a specific unit, withluxuriously equipped room for manual massage, where professional medical staff and professional masseurs perform all kinds of medical and relaxation massages. We also have underwater massage tubs, as well as lymphatic drainage devices, anti-cellulite and weight loss programs.