The natural healing springs with sulfur water have been known in this area since ancient times and have been used for the treatment of mainly local residents in the form of bathtubs. Among folks,they were referred to by pejorative name “stinkies,” because of their scent ofrotten eggs.

Well-known Austrian balneologist, E.Ludwig, was the first to mention the mineral water “Mljecanica” in his book back in 1888, and these waters were also recorded in the book by F. Katzer, “Towards knowing  mineral springs of the Bosna river”.

In the mid-seventies of the twentieth century and in the local community the awareness was raised as to the need to use this gift of nature, which led to thorough hydrogeological studies, along with specialized tests and physico-chemical analysis of water.

At the beginning of the eighties, the construction of the “Mljecanica”spa has started.  A stationary containing 105 beds, reception area, restaurant and accompanying facilities were built and fully equipped in the first construction phase. After employing necessary medical staff, the spa opened up on 04 July 1987.

As medical staff have in the meantime achieved enviable academic degrees and as other conditions have been met, the “Mljecanica”spa has been transformed into the Institute of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Balneo-Climatology and in a short period of time has receivedrecognitionfor beingone of the leading rehabilitation institutions in the Republic of Srpska.

At the beginning of 2012, the Government of Republic of Srpska issued a Decision, granting “Mljecanica” the status of the Hospital of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and since 2016 it has a status of the Public Health Institute, the Special Hospital of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation “Mljecanica”, Kozarska Dubica.