The Special Hospital “Mljecanica”is equipped for the treatment, diagnosis and rehabilitation of patients suffering from wide range of diseases, both in terms of them experiencing variousdifficulties and in terms of individual patient’sseverity of illness.

The Hospital is a functional unit, integrating accommodation capacities, doctors’ offices, diagnostic rooms and therapeutic facilities.

The accommodation capacity of the Special Hospital “Mljecanica” is about 150 beds, spread over several levels. There are 18 beds at the semi-intensive care unit. This Department is under constant supervision and monitoring by nurses and doctors, and it accommodates the most demanding patients, who are unable to carry out activities ofdaily livingon their own. Therapeutic procedures are performedat the unit itself, and thedepartment is also equipped with a kinesitherapy hall.

The same facility holds some 85 beds in hotel rooms and apartments, where mobile patients are accommodated. Rooms on the first floor are triple. Rooms on the second floor are double, equipped with TV set and wireless internet. The apartments are double, equipped with the kitchen, bathroom, TV set and internet connection. They are located on the first floor.

There is a bungalow complex as a special unitorganized within the hospital area, consisting of 15 bungalows, with 45 beds in total. The bungalows are three-bedded, equipped with TV set, heating, air-conditioning, wireless internet and are surrounded by a beautifully park,designed according to modern horticultural solutions.