Natural mineral water

Sulfide mineral water, provided by the “Mljecanica” Hospital, according to the balneological classification belongs to a group of magnesium-calcium-sodium-sulfide sulfate mineral waters.

The water temperature is below 15 ºC, thus falling under the category of cold waters.

It has a stable neutral pH value. Mineralization is invariable and the dry residue at 150 °C is about 3800 mg/l.


Although the natural healing springs have been known in the area of Mljecanica since ancient times, the first written record was made by an Austrian scientist, E. Ludwig, back in 1888.


Mineral water “Mljecanica” was also mentioned in the book by F. Katzer “Towards knowing mineral springs of the Bosna river”, published in 1919.

Following a series of geological and hydrogeological works, the development of wells and the test measurements were carried out in September 1976. Ever since, mineral water “Mljecanica” has systematically been used with great success to treat numerous patients.

Many scientific researches were carried out by our most renowned physicists-balneologists, demonstrating and scientifically proving excellent healing value of our mineral waters.


The sulfate-sulfide mineral water “Mljecanica” is used for:

  • bathing in the tubs
  • hydro-kinesy therapy, in Hubbard tubs and in the pool
    • inhalation
    • sprinkling
    • drinking
  • Chemical analysis

ANIONS                    mg / l
Chlorides                 12.00
Sulfates                    2256.65
Hydrocarbons          549.90
Phosphates                 0.02
CATIONS                  mg / l
Sodium                      400.00
Calcium                     373.54
Magnesium               240.06
Potassium                    4.55

Strontium                   11.5
Aluminum                  0.98
Pine                             0.32
Iron                             0.20
Manganese                 0.08
Selenium                     0.18